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The Best Chair Massage for Your Event!

Georgia Licensed and Insured

We make excellent events easy! Massage is a great motivation and reward to your hardworking employees convention attendees, or special event guests!

About Us

What Makes Us Different

Our Mission (We Chose to Accept It)

It's in our name: we're geeks. Geeks are known for their zealous interest in a subject. For us, that subject is massage - specifically, how we can best help you live a pain-free life.

Massage Geeks has provided the best in special event, corporate, employee recognition, and convention chair masage since 2017. We've handled event sizes from one to 80,000 attendees. Whether it is providing one massage therapist for your teacher appreciation event or a team of 8 therapists for a huge convention, we can help you.


Massage Geeks is a proudly independent, massage therapist-owned business, featuring the owners: Daniel Carrasquillo (MT007333) and Aislinn McEarchern (MT011653). We have a network of professional therapists ready to make your event special!

Spock Chair Massage by Massage Geeks

Why A Massage Geeks Event Is the Best Event

Events of All Size

Events of All Size

Whether you need one massage therapist or six, we can help you. We've handled events with 5 people to 80,000!

Professional Set Up

Professional Set Up

Massage Geeks can set up in any 6x6 space - more space needed for more therapists!

Deep Tissue Needed? No problem!

Deep Tissue Needed? No problem!

We can handle even the toughest clients!

Cosplay Can Be Included!

Cosplay Can Be Included!

Would you like a special character to be the provider for your chair massage? Talk to us about it!

Professional and Flexible

Professional and Flexible

Do you have an opportunity to discuss with us? Contact us, we'd love to hear from you.

Take your event to the next level! Light up the Massage Geeks signal to bring superheroes of massage and save the day! Here are a few events where offering chair massage defeat the villainy of stress and tension:


  • Employee recognition events - getting pizza once a quarter is old hat. What your employees, teachers, healthcare workers or other hardworking audience really wants is a real break from the everyday. Even a 10 minute massage can make a huge difference in the rest of a person's day by improving blood circulation and releasing daily stress/ tension. And you can relax knowing it is all included in one great price!

  • Weddings, wedding rehearsals, etc - Weddings take a surprising amount of work. Want Great Aunt Susan to stop being a pill? Give her 15 minutes in a Massage Geeks chair massage and she will be smiling for the wedding pictures in no time!

  • Conventions/Conferences - Massage Geeks has a long history of attending fandom events throughout the Southeast - and we are known to cosplay while at work! Whether you want us in "professional" black wear to blend into the background or to turn it up to 11 in a fun cosplay theme, we can provide it.

  • Wellness Gatherings - Wellness and improving quality of life is big news these days! Clinical research has shown that massage can have a big, positive impact on a person's daily life. Bring us in for some wellness and holistic healing.

Chair Massage Rates

Per Therapist

Pricing is straightforward - $90/hour per therapist. What does that mean?

10 minute sessions - 5 people/hour

15 minute sessions - 3.5 people/hour

20 minute session - 2.5 people/hour

30 minute session - 2 people/hour

Or contact us for an estimate!

Simple & Professional

You can relax knowing that we are punctual, reliable, and provide *excellent* chair massage. We bring the relaxation to you!

The face cradle of the massage chair has a disposable cover replace between clients. All chair surfaces are cleaned thoroughly between each person, too.

Discounts Available

Schedule Massage Geeks for a second and subsequent events for a 10% discount off the regular price! 

This offer is perfect for companies who want to schedule a quarterly employee appreciation or wellness event.

We can work with you on other solutions, too. Maybe you'd like a regular event, but have it subsidized with an employee/attendee contribution. We can help!

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