Who Are the Massage Geeks?

Georgia Licensed & Professional Massage Therapists

The Massage Geeks are mild-mannered massage therapists by day. When the need arises, they transform into... mild-mannered massage therapists, superheroes of massage. Meet the co-owners!


Daniel "Fox" Carrasquillo (MT007133) graduated from the Atlanta School of Massage in 2008. His mother is a massage therapist as well, so Fox grew up learning about body wellness. Fox has pursued many continuing education opportunities through the years, with a focus on stretching and muscle energy technique. His years studying Kung Fu have also informed his massage therapy practice. Fox specializes in orthopedic, and medical massage therapy.

Aislinn McEarchern (MT011653) worked as a Director of Marketing and Communication at a local nonprofit for 15 years before chucking it all to become a massage therapist. Since graduating from the Atlanta School of Massage in 2017, she relishes the opportunity to make an immediate connection and impact on her clients. Aislinn specializes in medical massage, myofascial release, and spontaneous muscle release technique.

Both Fox and Aislinn have worked in chiropractic offices and enjoy partnering with other healthcare professionals. We consider ourselves part of your wellness team.

Meet The Geeks

Rae Schuetz


Since graduating from Atlanta School of Massage in 2018, Rae has focused on Therapeutic and Deep Tissue Massage. She is highly fascinated by the human body and all of its systems, so she tends to overstudy. She has a knack for finding the problem and the drive and compassion to heal it.

Jamie Merrick


Jamie's skilled and emotionally-aware massages will have you feeling better in no time! She performs deep tissue, neuromuscular therapies, and myofascial release massages. Jamie graduated from the Atlanta School of Massage in 2010.

Billy E. Brand II


Billy brings a wealth of physiology and medical knowledge with his years working as an EMT in the Atlanta area. He graduated from Gwinnett College in 2011. Billy enjoys seeing positive results in his clients after even a few sessions. He utilizes deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy, and Shiatsu techniques to great effect. 

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