Covid-19 Policies and protocols

Updated 10/26/2020

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The situation with COVID-19 is evolving and changing on a daily basis. We will do our best to provide the safest environment possible following the recommendations of the Center for Disease Control, the World Health Organization, OSHA, and the State of Georgia executive order.

Out of consideration for the health of our clients and staff, Massage Geeks is implementing the policies and protocol listed below. 

Massage Geeks employees and office environment:

  • Employees will undergo a temperature check via an infrared thermometer at the beginning of the work day. Therapists with a temperature over 99.5 degrees Fahrenheit or evidencing any symptoms of illness will be sent home.

  • All employees must wear Personal Protective Equipment.

  • Staggered client sessions so that no more than one client is present with their therapist in office common areas at one time. We may contact you about shifting your appointment time by 15 minutes to ensure there is no overlap.

  • Extended time between sessions to allow for more sanitization/cleaning procedures. 

  • HEPA filters in each treatment room. The air is circulated and filtered 8-10 times per hour.

  • MERV-13 air filter in HVAC system. reports that these air filters are useful in removing COVID aerosols during air filtration.

  • Sanitizing all equipment, chairs, and tables used by employees and patrons between each client visit. Massage Geeks has always adhered to strict sanitization protocols in office. Some of our policies include, but are not limited to:

    • Use of EPA-approved, medical-grade cleansers.

    • Cleaning the face cradle cushion, table cover, bolster, doorknobs, light switch covers, faucet handles, toilet handle, bathroom sink counter, and any other shared surface between each client.

    • As always, use of clean linens and duvet covers. Clean linens and dirty linens are stored in separate air-tight containers.

    • UV light treatment on any massage tools, in addition to disinfecting between uses.

  • Payment by e-mail invoice. Massage Geeks can e-mail you an invoice at the conclusion of the appointment for you to pay before leaving the office. This limits contact with any checkout terminal or shared card reader. Please feel free to request this service.

Client protocols:

On Arrival:

  • The waiting room is closed. We will open the door to our office or text you to let you know you can enter the office. If you see the door is open, come on in!

  • Clients must undergo a temperature check via an infrared thermometer before entering the office. Anyone with a temperature over 99.5 degrees Fahrenheit will be sent home.

  • Clients must answer a brief medical history regarding any signs of fever, coughing, shortness of breath within themselves or someone who shares their home.

  • Clients must sanitize their hands when they enter the facility and before any treatment. Hand sanitizer and use of the bathroom sink will be provided. 

  • Clients must wear a mask when they enter the facility and throughout the entirety of the session. Massage Geeks will provide a mask upon arrival if necessary.

During the Session:

  • Clients must wear a mask or other mouth/nose protection at all times during the session. A face mask is required while on the back; a pillow case tucked into the face cradle can be arranged, if necessary, when face-down.

After the Session:

  • E-mail invoice can be requested. An e-mail invoice can be sent to you for payment before departure, if you prefer. This limits contact with the payment terminal. The invoice must be paid in full before you leave the office.

The client protocols are designed to ensure the safety of everyone who enters the Massage Geeks office. They are required for service. If you do not think you feel comfortable adhering to these protocols, we look forward to serving you in the future when the COVID-19 crisis has passed.

Revised Cancellation/Rescheduling Policy:

  • 24 Hour Window: If you or someone in your household is sick, you may cancel or reschedule your appointment at any time. A $30 charge will apply if this is done within 24 hours of your appointment time. The charge will be credited to your account and will be applied to your next/rescheduled appointment. 

  • No-shows: No-shows will be charged the full amount for the missed appointment. 

  • If You Feel Unwell, aka "It's Just Allergies": If you arrive at the Massage Geeks office feeling unwell or with "allergies" that include symptoms of a fever, a cough, sinus congestion, or shortness or breath, you will be sent home. You will be charged the full appointment amount. We regret the inconvenience, but we must do what we can to discourage possible transmission. If you are evidencing ANY symptoms of illness, we recommend that you reschedule your appointment.


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