Upcoming Events

COVID-19 cancelled all events for 2020. We remain hopeful that we will be able to see conventions return to the scene in 2021. 

Massage Geeks love attending conventions! Check out where you can find Massage Geeks next and come join Massage Geeks in making memories.


Are you interested in inviting the Massage Geeks to your next event or gathering? Do you want to have the best massage offered? Visit our Private Events page or contact us for more information on how you can book with us.

Past events include:

2020: Connooga. Then COVID-19.

2019: Connooga, MomoCon, Fanboy 2.0

2018: Connooga, 221BCon, MomoCon, Atlanta Steampunk Expo.

2017: Anachrocon, Mystic South, Atlanta Steampunk Expo, among others.


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