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Thank you for supporting Massage Geeks! We hope you consider us as a chair massage provider for your next employee reward activity,  convention, or event!

A Change, But Not A Goodbye

In August, 2023, Massage Geeks pivoted away from providing table massage in an office setting to become a full-time chair massage company. If you are looking for an event or employee award idea that will be remembered, hire a Georgia licensed and insured Massage Geek!​

More information:

We are so proud to have been of service to you at some point during the six years Massage Geeks offered in-office massage therapy. We met new friends. We created a community together. We hope we will run into you out and about sometime so we can say hi!

Our team members are an entrepeneurial lot and each of them established their own sole-proprietor studio! We are so proud of our team members!

If you are looking for a Massage Geeks therapist you visited in the past or if you are in need of a really great massage, please get in touch with one of these fine people:

Massage Therapists We Recommend:

Billy Brand
Saving Throw Massage


Megan Mann
Rebalanced Massage


Jessie McCarty
White Pine Wellness

Book with Jessie through her Massage Book page.

Therapist Contact
Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates and Pre-Sold Sessions

If you purchased or were gifted a Massage Geeks gift certificate or if you pre-purchased/pre-paid for sessions, please e-mail or text us. We will be happy to help you. We will refund any gift certificate or pre-paid session payment made between August 1, 2022 through August 1, 2023. (Any purchases made before August 1, 2022 are considered expired.)


Questions? We would love to hear from you!

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